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anyone any advice on reducing phosphate in a cichlid tank. tried a commercial phosphate remover in my filter and it hasnt made much difference. thinking about putting more in, unless i get any other suggestions.

cheers ali
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I have phosphate in my tap, so I battle it constantly. Water changes only add to the problem. The removers work if you use enough and get it in a place where there's a lot of flow through it. I've had success keeping levels down to about .1 or so, but you have to be diligent about monitoring and replacing the stuff when it's no longer effective. I'm going to try a Phosban reactor I think. Just haven't spent the money yet. I've read that even public aquariums battle phosphate and there's no real surefire way to keep levels at 0. Other than potentially causing algae problems, I don't think it's real harmful to fish, least not that I've heard.
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