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pH too low

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What do you guys do to keep your pH up in your tanks?

I setup my tank with an aragonite bottom and am using seachem tanganyikan buffer. Within a couple of weekrs pH dropped from 8.8 back down to 7.4 Have you guys had any problems keeping the pH up on your tanks?

The only things I have are a few rocks in the aquarium and the aragonite bottom.
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I use Coral gravel and keep a few bits of large Coral it seems to keep ph around 8+
and about every 2-3 weeks with my water changes add some Cichlid Lake salt by Seachem and seems to keep ph stable .Maybe give this a try,but start off adding your salt a little at a time and build up dosage with water changes :thumb:
You need to keep adding the buffer (as per the instructions on the jar) until you get a stable ph. When I added some to my new tank the ph went straight up to the high 8's, but within a week it went back down to below 7. I added some more buffer and in over a week it is holding strong at about 9.

what he said
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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