petrochromis sp

Petrochromis sp. kasumbe. Photo by Ad Konings​

When it comes to being large and very aggressive, the Petrochromis genus arguably is the clear winner from Lake Tanganyika. While some species of Petrochromis are only about 6 inches in length, others can reach well over a foot. Despite their size, they all have aggressive personalities. While some species have a reputation for being more docile, that doesn't mean the inter-species aggression isn't there. Petrochromis sp. kasumbe is no exception.

Although not officially described, Petrochromis sp. kasumbe has been in the hobby for some time. The popular variant P. sp. kasumbe Halembe sports colorful orange-blotching making it a favorite among Petrochromis keepers. Keeping Petrochromis isn't easy. Their diet, housing requirements, and aggressive nature make them unsuitable for inexperienced hobbyists. Even experienced hobbyists need to make an effort to successfully keep and breed these cichlids. For more information on Petrochromis check out the various articles found in the library (Care and Maintenance, Myth, and "Red - Bulu Point". To discuss Petrochromis sp. kasumbe or any other Petrochromis visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.