A short video of Petrochromis moshi Sibwesa spawning from PISCES.

Petrochromis are large, colorful herbivores from Lake Tanganyika. Some species reach a foot in length and can be very aggressive towards each other; making them more difficult to keep than the average cichlid. They need large tanks to accommodate their size and do best in large groups to help spread out aggression. Petrochromis have similar tank requirements to Tropheus, except they need even more room. Despite their size and aggression, the video shows a pair of Petrochromis moshi Sibwesa behaving very delicately toward each other as they spawn. If you would like to learn more about Petrochromis, make sure to read Care and Maintenance of Petrochromis, Petrochromis sp. "Red - Bulu Point", and The Petrochromis Myth.

Petrochromis moshi

Petrochromis moshi Sibwesa. Capture from video.​