Petrochromis famula

Petrochromis famula. Photo by Ad Konings​

In a genus of aggressive fish, Petrochromis famula is said to be a less aggressive species. Not as aggressive as other Petrocromis doesn't mean much considering the genus' overall intolerance of other Petrochormis. Found primarily in the northern part of Lake Tanganyika, P. famula spends its days scraping algae and small organisms from rocks. Males will claim territories in order to attract females for spawning.

In the aquarium Petrochromis famula can be hard to keep. Best kept in ratios of one male to multiple females. This will help spread out the male's aggression to multiple targets. Despite that, be prepared to remove a female if needed for her protection. Diet should be high in plant matter. Tankmates should be active and hardy fish like other Petrochromis or Lake Malawi mbuna. Docile or shy fish will not fare well in a Petrochromis tank. An article on the care and maintenance of Petrochromis by Leigh Kissane (ApexPredator) can be found the in library. To discuss P. famula visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.