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penguin bio wheels for seeding?

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what is better to cycle a tank with?
seeded bio wheel250.00%
seeded hydro sponge (smallest one)250.00%
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So I just picked up another tank last night with a penguin 350 bio wheel filter. Gonna set it up tonight and was wondering if I have a penguin 200 running right now on a 10g w a sponge filter besides would taking the seeded bio wheel from the 200 n putting it on the new one be better than robbing the sponge filter that is only rated for a 10g to help cycle the tank? The new tank is a 26g bow front.

Just not sure if them wheels actually hold the amount of bacteria they claim or if a sponge would be quicker.

And as always thanks for any input.[/url]
It's a wash. Either should be just as effective unless the sponge is really gunked up to the point that little water is actually flowing through it, or is channeling thorugh it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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