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Peacock update

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A while back I posted about my supposed male OB peacock that turned out to be female and was holding. As of last night I now have about 25 fry! Since I'm relatively inexperienced with African cichlids(this is my first successfull spawn of a Malawi ) , I have a few questions. I stripped her at roughly 20 days was that too early, when should begin feeding(they still have some yolk sack left, though I would presume that I can start once it's gone), and how fast do they grow on average? Thanks in advance for your help .
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As long as the fry can move around on their own, it wasn't too early.
Another update on the peacock fry. I have 20 survivors all eating and growing like nuts. they're still to small to tell what they'll look like color wise, but once they get a bit bigger I'll post a few pics.
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