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Peacock hurt himself

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My OB peacock got himself stuck between a piece of wood and the tank wall. He roughed up his scales pretty good and also his eye. The problem is that I am currently treating the tank for Ich. The temp is 84 and I have been adding 1 tblspoon of salt per 5 gallons for the last week. I am worried that if I put him in my hospital tank it will shock him. he is not eating at this time. Any ideas??
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It sounds like you need to move him. I would increase the temp of the hospital tank to a couple of degrees lower than the main tank, and add some salt. (It will aid in healing...) Then you can slowly lower the temp in the hospital tank, and add Melafix.

If he's not eating, you may have more than one thing going on, but you'll have to get him out of the main tank to closely observe him and determine what to do.
If he doesn't eat, you may have further problems. Isolating him might make it easier for him to eat, and it will certainly make it easier to do frequent water changes and clear up the eye quicker.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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