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peacock fry

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Well I have mentioned before that I had tried to aquire an all male peacock tank, but was suspisious that at least one was a female, but the LFS was pretty sure they were in fact all male. Two days ago I noticed one of the fishes jaw looked swollen and wasnt eating, and at first thought something was wrong with "him" but of course as it turns out he is a she and now 2 days later I have a nice batch of at least 30 fry!!! Since I am new to cichlid keeping ( tank is a 75G about 6 mos. old) we took the mom out and released her back into the tank as we were instructed, as they said she will start eating them after a short time. They are totaly free swimming and are in a breeder net inside the tank, I need some advise on how to clean the breeder net from food debri and waste. Since it would be impossible to know who the dad is they are likely not to be pure as I have such a variety in there, what to do with the fish? From now on I will just let nature take its course, I have given up on an all male tank as if the LFS cant tell the difference I know I will not be able to!!
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Personally, I would just drop the breeder net in the tank, and let the fish eat the fry... good food for them.
Also maybe take the female out. If the others are male, even most of them, she may not last long.
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