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Hey I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of parasite my Tiger Oscar has. One day I was looking at the tank and it looked like small pieces of dog hair were floating around in the tank. Looking closer I realized they seemed to be tiny white "worm" looking things. Also I noticed that a few were attached to my oscar. He had no sores on him where the "worms" were attached and he does not seem to be behaving any differently or changed his eating habits. He has actually had them now for a few months. Also when I do water changes you can sometimes see the "worms" stuck to the side of the tank. Sometimes you really can't see any of the "worms" in the tank and other they seem to be everywhere. Please help. :-?
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Sounds like it could be either nematodes or planaria---neither of which are harmful to your fish however their presense may indicate that you are over feeding your fish, are over stocked, are perhaps not doing frequent enough water changes--or some combination of all three.

If you do a search for nematodes and planaria you'll come up with a link to pictures of the parasties so you can confirm this is what you're seeing in your tank.

Please post back with additional information--especially if nematodes/planaria don't fit.

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