A short video of a pair of Paretroplus maculatus digging out a pit. The video come from the africancichlids2010 Youtube channel. The video was taken at the San Antonio Zoo.

Paretroplus maculatus, with its distinctive black spot, was originally found in several locations in northwestern Madagascar. Due to habitat loss, the introduction of invasive species and over-fishing, P. maculatus is now critically endangered. This is the fate of many native Madagascar cichlid species. Because it is unlikely that much will change for P. maculatus in the wild, the species' survival now depends on hobbyists and zoos. To discuss this species visit the Madagascar Species forum.

The San Antonio Zoo has an Africa Live! exhibit that features many African cichlid species. In the next few weeks we'll be posting more videos from the zoo's exhibits.

Paretroplus maculatus

Paretroplus maculatus. Screen capture from video​