Paratheraps guttulatus

Paratheraps guttulatus. Photo by Greg Steeves​

This beautiful fish, formally classified as a Vieja species, can be found in lakes and rivers of Central America. Paratheraps guttulatus specimens have been collected from Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador but has been reported, correctly or incorrectly, in other lakes in the region.

Although not very aggressive, Paratheraps guttulatus is a large fish. Males reach 12 inches while females are a little smaller. A large tank is required. P. guttulatus is an omnivore and care should be taken to ensure it gets protein and plant matter in its diet, especially if breeding is desired. Spawning takes place on a flat surface or cave. Females do most of the care and can sometimes become aggressive toward the males. To discuss P. guttulatus visit the Central Americans Cichlids forum.