Paracyprichromis brieni

Paracyprichromis brieni. Photo by Ad Konings​

A shoaling cichlid found throughout Lake Tanganyika, Paracyprichromis brieni is closely related to Paracyprichromis nigripinnis and the more commonly known Cyprichromis species. P. brieni prefers deeper waters but will stay close to rocks. Males stake out territories in rock overhangs or caves for spawning. Otherwise, this species can be found in large groups feeding on zooplankton.

In the aquarium Paracyprichromis brieni will fill out the upper part of the tank while most other cichlids prefer to stay close to the ground. In order to truly appreciate these fish, a group of at least 8 is best. Although having this species may seem like a great idea to fill the unused space up top, P. brieni is a delicate and shy fish. Active and aggressive fish will be too much for this species to handle. Species only tanks are recommended or maybe a pair of Julidochromis or Altolamprologus to inhabit the rocks on the bottom. Compared to P. nigripinnis, P. brieni is longer and slimmer with smaller eyes. Since they are so similar, the two species shouldn't be kept together. To discuss P. brieni visit the Lake Tanganyika Species forum. An article on the similar Paracyprichromis nigripinnis by Diane Tennison can be found in the library.