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pale fronts?

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hey guys...

should I be worried if one of my fronts is a bit "lighter" then the other ones? Is this a sign of subdominance? Or should I think disease?

He / She (still kinda juvie, +/- 2.5 inches by now) still eats like a pig...

thx in advance!
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to give you all an update, I have kept it a bit closer to my attention then usual, and it seems indeed that you are right.. The color seems to fade but comes back at times, and then fades out again...

I have the impression (I have 6 juvies in a 125 gallon with a mix of other tang's) that the fronts are beginning to decide who's gonna be boss, and who's not. They seem to have their very 'own' place, and if there's another one entering that place, they're not exactly fighting over it, but they kinda bump into each other... so I think they're beginning to make out who's gonna be where ;)

still eats like a pig as well...
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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