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P. saulosi diet question

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I just recently got 10 P. saulosi and have been feeding them NLS 1mm pellets which they devour very quickly. I was wondering should I also offer a more spirulina based flake as well? Or are they good just with the NLS. Also I fear since the saulosi eat the NLS so fast that the S. lucipinnis that are also in the tank are getting next to nothing. Any ideas or am I just over concerned?
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Hi there!

The NLS is just fine for the Saulosi. You could also offer a 1x/wk "snack" of romaine lettuce, cucumber, etc. but take it out of the tank after a few hours. It is also a good idea to fast your fish 1x/wk. to help keep them healthy and avoid bloat.

I can't comment on the lucipinnis, as I have never owned them, but I'm sure someone here will speak up.

Don't worry about being overly concerned. We need more fish owners to be that way! :thumb:

Good luck to you!
NLS is fine for both. I make sure some pellets hit the bottom and I see the cats out eating them. If they are still shy due to tank changes...just check their bellies occasionally and make sure they are not concave.
Most of the pellets never hit the sand. However today at the PM feeding the cats were out and it looked like they got some. :thumb:
I really appreaciate your help before with helping me with stocking questions. The saulosi are awesome and man are they active! Even though they are juvs they are so bright already I can't wait to see when they are mature!
If you dump in the pellets really fast, while the cichlids are busy with what is still falling, some drop through to the cats. Glad you are enjoying your fish. :)
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