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p.long pelvic galareya reef compatibility

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I have really fallen for these fish - thinking about bidding on them in a fish auction. Are they very aggressive and would they be good tankmates for the ones I have? Its a 55 gallon with 12 fish currently:
5 kenyii lombardoi ( 2 male/ 3 female)- I know these can be aggressive
3 ps. elongatus
4 lab. caeruleus

I heard I should overpopulate to reduce aggression, just not sure with what.
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I have ZLP's in a tank with different mbuna, peacocks, and haps. Aggression is very minimal in the tank. I lost my dominant male ZLP not too long ago. When he was breeding he could be a royal pain, but that's pretty typical with cichlids. I have not had experience with kenyi, but I would believe that they would be more dominant than the ZLP.
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