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p.long pelvic galareya reef compatibility

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I have really fallen for these fish - thinking about bidding on them in a fish auction. Are they very aggressive and would they be good tankmates for the ones I have? Its a 55 gallon with 12 fish currently:
5 kenyii lombardoi ( 2 male/ 3 female)- I know these can be aggressive
3 ps. elongatus
4 lab. caeruleus

I heard I should overpopulate to reduce aggression, just not sure with what.
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Typical zebra aggression, nothing above normal...

And I wouldn't be anywhere near as concerned about keeping the long pelvics in this size tank as I would the kenyi that you already have. :wink:

I'm just not sure I would add any other Pseudotropheus to the tank.

I think if you want to try (and it will be difficult) to get some semblance of peace in the tank, you'll have to remove at least one of the kenyi males.

Ps. zebra Long pelvics are great fish, but in a 55G tank, planning to keep the fish you currently have, I wouldn't add another species. (Have you seen the females? They are really a drab fish, so you would only gain the male as far as colour goes...)

I would expand my Yellow labs and elongatus to larger groups, and remove a kenyi male. The yellow labs will be more enjoyable in a larger group.

Or if you're really sold on the zebra long pelvics, replace the elongatus with them. :thumb:

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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