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A buddy of mine recently got a 125G tank from a local dealer. The tank was previously saltwater and my friend intends on using it for freshwater. Prior to the sale, the dealer decided to spruce it up by cleaning it with Oxyclean to get rid of salt deposits. The box says it's safe for aquarium use.

I did some research on this site, looking through posts in the past. The mentality behind using this product seems split - some people back it, and some think it's a bad idea. To me, this sounds dangerous as I've been using vinegar to clean off the salt on my recent project.

My questions are, will contaminants linger and is his tank doomed, or is he OK as long as he cleans it very well with water and vinegar? Is there any way to test for impurities that may be left over from cleaning products in general? If its OK for use, I might start using it myself as it appears to have done a really good job on getting the salt off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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