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Overstocked 180?

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I recently cycled and aquascaped my new 180 (72x25x24), as well as finalizing the filtration and other assorted gadgets. I currently have this stock list, although most are juvis:

One 5inch False Green Terror (male)
Two 2inch HRP/Con Hybrids (males)
One 1.5inch Turquoise Severum (unknown sex)
Four 1-2inch Vieja Argentea (unknown sexes, guessing 2male 2female)
One 1inch Firemouth (unknown sex, guessing male)
Five 1-2 inch Clown Loach
Fourteen .5-2 inch Tiger Barb
Two miscellaneous algae eaters

My filtration is as follows:

30 Gallon Wet/Dry Sump with Dolphin 2000gph pump
Two AC110s
Eheim Pro 3e 2076

Is the tank overstocked? Any chance of adding another cichlid in there (like a juvi red devil)?
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i would leave it alone.sounds like a nice setup. :thumb:
Thank you for your thoughts roman. :thumb:

Anyone else have an opinion?
Sounds like a beautiful set up!

I wouldn't add anyone, lot of potential for growth in all of those guys. Probably looks empty now, but in a year, you may be glad you kept things as they are, plus maybe you'll stumble over a lonely fish needing a home somewhere?.

How do you find the tiger barbs work the new worlds? Once we get a chance to get a bigger tank, we may dump our 10 tiger barbs in with everyone else. I was afraid they'd be a little nippy, but we quarantined our new to us backbelt with the barbs, and I've not seen the tiger barbs school so tight before or since! :lol:

I agree with the others, and not add any ... mostly becuase once all the current fish get full sized, it will technically be overcrowded at that point. So enjoy and let them fill up the tank. :thumb:
Thanks for the advice guys, my gut agrees. :)

RyanR: I enjoy tiger barbs because they don't randomly die on me like my experiences have been with giant danios and other assorted dithers. Mine, however, only school en masse when they're scared (water changes or me moving driftwood) -- and that's pretty neat when it does happen. For the most part, however, they tend to hang out in little packs and don't really swim around the tank much otherwise. They just sit around with little movement. Not sure why that is.
I'll admit to really liking them actually. While not geographically correct, yhey're really pretty (green males are just beautiful). I guess if you have too few of them, they can be just plain evil.

My girlfriend had a particularly nasty male one all alone when I met her. Killed any other small fish in the tank. So we inundated him with nine faithful followers, and they've been great since... though they really chased the cory's around good (i.e. bad) when we first put the cory's in there.

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