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overflow box scilencer

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I used an overflow box that I got off ebay and it gurgled. I got it resolved and thought I might share the solution that worked. The issue that I had was a cyclone would periodically develop and slurp all the water from the box before it builds up again.

I first put in a filter pad to buffer it which worked but I was worried that when the pad gets some debris in it it might overflow the box onto the floor.

After some experimentation I found that a $.35 piece of what I think is cross stitching plastic works great. I just cut a section, rolled it up and stuffed it in the bulkhead fitting. It keeps the cyclone from starting and just about silences the box

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Take a look at this too if you haven't already: ... ockman.htm

It's a simple to make variation of a durso standpipe for use in external overflows.

These can run absolutely silent if you want to get rid of that last bit of noise.
i use that stand pipe style in my great :thumb:
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