Petrochromis sp. Red

Petrochromis sp. "Red" Bulu Point. Photo by Sarah Roberts​

Petrochromis sp. "Red" Bulu Point is not the type of cichlid most hobbyist are likely to keep. Like other Petrochromis, P. sp. "Red" is a large cichlid with aggression and diet considerations. However, seeing a tank full of them is stunning and not something you will soon forget. I have often run scenarios through my mind of how I could somehow keep a tank of them. Unfortunately my conclusion is always the same: not right now.

Found in deep waters of Lake Tanganyika, P. sp. "Red" is often difficult to find and not collected often. P. sp. "Red" can grow to over 10 inches and have a voracious appetite. Petros are highly aggressive toward other Petros. A tank with a dozen can quickly become a tank with a single male. Despite this, Petros have very little aggression toward other genera. If you are thinking of possible housing some in a large tank with some frontosa, dietary issues would make them unsuitable tank mates. It is recommended Petros be fed a vegetarian diet like spirulina flakes or pellets. For anyone thinking of keeping Petrochromis, make sure you read the Care and Maintenance of Petrochromis article by Leigh Kissane. If you want specific information of P. sp. "Red", Greg Pierson has written an article titled Petrochromis sp. "Red - Bulu Point". Both articles are very informative and have some great pictures.