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Our New Tank Setup

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Here is a Pic of my new setup ( 75 g ) with crushed coral substrait and many rocks for the fish to enjoy. For a canopy, filtration and lighting, I am using the Marineland Bio-wheel canopy Filtration and Lighting System. It been up for almost 2 months and the water is crystal clear. Just did a new arrangment for the new fish we bought, added some plants and more rocks. We had just one death out of the nine, thinking it was beat up prior to purchase. I have a red zebra that is about 3.5 inches long, and I am willing to trade ( local only, Fort Lauderdale area ) for a couple of smaller less aggressive cichlid. We have a mix in our tank cant recall the names, maybe the pic can help. My girlfriend setup the tank in one day, without any help from me, I was impressed, I had to help with little ajustments. There is one fish that has a bulging throat. Could be that it is carrying eggs? Hope you enjoy the pic . We are open to anyone who has a any suggestions, that would improve our setup.
[C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\My Picturess\Nikon Transfer\aquarium03_01\DSCN0287.JPG
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So where's the pic???
You will have to store it somewhere on the internet to display it in a forum.
To learn how to post pictures on a forum read this thread.

Then we can enjoy your tank with you. :thumb: :fish:
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