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Oscars @ Shedd's aquarium

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Has anyone here been to the Shedd's aquarium in Chicago? A friend of mine and I went this past weekend. The amazon section was my favorite. The oscars there are HUGE! I mean, I am kind of a poor judge of size, especially through the glass, but I thougth these guys were pushing 16-17 inches! No joke. I was stunned. I thought my guy was big, and he's sittin at 13-14in. If I had to guess, I'd say that the big guys in those tanks had to weight atleast 3lbs or more. (I fish bass tourneys in the summer, that's what I'm basing my guesses on.) I took pics which I'll post when I get home, but there is nothing in the background to compare size to. Anyone else seen these guys and thougth the same thing? :eek:
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Yea, there was a royal pleco in there that was massive, it was actually kinda scary. But yea anyway I'll post those pics in a sec. They didn't have any big Aro's though. :(
Here's that pic. I know he doesn't look like anything special, but I swear this guy had to be 16 inches.

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No, unfortunately I couldn't step back far enough to get a tank shot without everyone's heads in the way. :lol: But w/e. I've never seen O's like these man. Awesome.
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