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Hi everyone

I have an Oscar who is about a year and a half old. He lives in a quite bare 55 gallon by himself. I rescued him when he was very small (1 inch) and had almost no fins due to being attacked by a tankmate. He was almost dead but pulled through somehow. Here is my question, I want to get him a 75 gallon tank in a year or so when we move, but for now he is in the 55 gallon. I clean his tank twice weekly to keep nitrates below 10 ppm. He seems very happy (excited about feeding, brightly colored, active). I have had a couple people get really angry on forums and tell me it was animal cruelty to have him in a 55 gallon tank. This seems to be a touchy subject, what does everyone here think? He WILL be moved into a is just a matter of living in the top floor of an apartment complex for now. As a great lover of animals and proponent of animal welfare it really upset me to be told I was being cruel to one of my animals...what does everyone here think?
Thanks everyone!
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