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Didn't you post this not too long ago on the oscarfish forum? :wink:
Either way, what you are describing is far from being animal cruelty. You've been providing your oscar with a good home. Tank upgrade to 75 gal. sounds good too. He'll appreciate the extra space.

Your best bet from now on is to just ignore anyone who makes such ridiculous claims with regards to keeping an oscar in a 55 gal. tank (not to mention you've already stated your intent to upgrade tank size). Granted, a monster-sized oscar is likely to be cramped in a 55 gal., but by the sounds of things you'll have upgraded your tank long before he can grow that big.

Nice work on the upkeep as well...keeping nitrAtes down around 10 PPM or less in an oscar tank takes work that the vast majority of folks aren't willing to do. Good job! :thumb:
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