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Oscar Sitting on ground.

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Hi Guys,

My 30cm oscar may not be happy and i was wondering if i could get some advise off fellow oscar owners.

Tank = 6x2x2
Other fish = vieja and another smaller oscar
Bullied ? = he doesnt get picked on.

So my oscar is camped at the bottom of the tank and not swimming about, the other fish seem fine and if i put food into the tank he will come up and eat it. Not with the same zeal as he would previously though.

Any ideas?
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Oscars are the moodiest fish I've ever owned...

Today one of mine was sulking on the bottom and had me a bit concerned... Then he calmly got up off the bottom and swam over and bit a Trimac on the head for picking on the other fish... Then he calmly swam back to his spot and laid back on the bottom of the tank...

I'm guessing if he feels strong enough to bite a Trimac on the head he feels good enough...

I would hate to tell you not to worry about it and then something bad happen... but mine commonly sulk on the bottom for no apparent reason for a few days... then get back to normal with no ill effects...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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