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Oscar Bullying problem

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Hello, I have been having a problem recently with my 2 oscars where one is getting chased around and nipped by the other. I have had them for about 6 months and they around the same size of 5inches or so I'm not sure. I have a tiger and a albino. The tiger has always been aggressive but usually gets along with my albino until my albino gets injured. Recently when I was away on vacation my albino tried to squeeze himself between the aquarium wall and a rock in an attempt to get a pleco dissolving food block and
scraped up both sides of himself. Since this happened the tiger has been chasing him around the tank whenever I am not in view and only when the lights are on night cycle. My white one in response has been darting all over the
tank and has injured himself worse by running into decorations and whatnot. I don't know what to do but my tank is bare of hiding spots so maybe I could add some clay pots? Please give me any advice you can as these are my first fish and I really don't want to have to rehome any of them.
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This sounds a lot like a dominance thing happening between your two Oscars. Territory claims?
- How big is this aquarium?
And, (depending on how large the tank is, that you plan to put them both in) can you live with just one of these Oscars?
The tank is 75 gallons. When I first bought them I was unfortunately given bad advice by a store owner. Yes I could definitely live with just one.
I have also noticed that my albino seems to be pretending to act like a pleco so he doesn't get attacked more.
Unfortunately, the bad advice had become very apparent. There is nothing you can do except pick the fish you like best and rehome the other. You will also notice as your fish approaches a foot long, that 75g tank is not big enough. Should also not have a pleco on there either, mainly due to excessive bioload
Thanks for the help I think I will go to my local store and trade in both Oscars as I can't buy a bigger tank and I really don't want just one
What would you suggest for stocking that could go with my 7inch pleco ?
Well.... kind of depends on what species of Pleco you have. And, while your little guy might only be 7 inches now....

A lot of times those little, Common Brown Plecos sold in the LFS can grow into some real 'Tank Busters'. :eek:
So, choices hmmmm? The easiest one would be to just get a six foot long aquarium. Treat the 75 gallon tank you have now as a decent sized grow out tank. Then just move things on up.
Everyone is happy that way! And, you'd be surprised at how much better your Oscars will get along with each other in a much larger tank.
(Heck man... your 75 gallon tank could be converted into an awesome sump for that new, bigger tank).
But, if you really are limited to staying with the 75 gallon tank? You definitely do need to part ways with those Oscars. Even a single one will just get much too big for keeping in a 75 gallon aquarium. Beyond that, it's really up to you on what to get. If you're determined to stay with New World Cichlids, I would recommend getting Cichlid species for this 75 gallon aqaurium that will max out at no more than 8 to 9 inches in adult length.
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Yah I've been looking at buying a 150 gallon to install at my work
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