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Opinions wanted on a stocking idea

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I have a new tank that i am in the process of setting up at the moment. It is a 120G (60x18).

I would like to know if there would be any problem having a large group of saulosi, 16-20 aiming for 3 or 4 males with the rest being female. I know i will have to get more as juvies and take out the extra males.
Then have a group of maingano with them, 1 male with 8 or so females.
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Sounds good. I might even add one more species.
I agree with DJR. Trying to think of what I'd want to add, aesthetically, to that combination. Lots of blue+black and yellow, and 4" max size... I'd consider something a little larger.
Albino socolofi? Metriaclima callainos either blue or pearl? Perlmutt?
So you think i would be able to add a third species? I thought the larger numbers of the two species would take up the other slots.
I love the idea of a third species if you think it would work.
I'd stock five species and count the Melanochromis as one and the Saulosi as three. That leaves room for 1m:4f. Worth a try IMO.

Maybe 15 (3m:12f) on the Saulosi with one extra species. Or if you do 20 Saulosi with 4m:16f then maybe skip the extra species.
I love the idea of Blue/Yellow.

I was thinking of swapping out some of my mbuna for mainganos if I can get enough.
Thanks everyone. I think i'm going to try the perlmutt as the third species after checking them out some more. Thanks for the suggestion DJR.
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