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opinions please choice is limited.

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i have been waiting to see what comes in new to my local pet store (island in the philippines) so i sort of have to take what comes along.

now i want to have a malawi mbuna orientated mix but with prehaps some haps to occupy the upper regions of my rocky/sandy 150g 60x24x24 tank.

now i have seen today some new stock come in...

the choice is .. taiwan reef... milomo..white tail dolphin.. yellow nyssa and red peackock.

i am leaning towards the tawain reef ...feuleborni ..yellow lab and blue dolphin.....maybe a couple of milomo....but i could be way out on this as a working mix.

i would imagine say 8 of each apart from the milomo... and they are all pretty young at the moment.

please give me some hints...would be really appreciated.
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so everything that they have bar the feuleborni?

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