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opinions please choice is limited.

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i have been waiting to see what comes in new to my local pet store (island in the philippines) so i sort of have to take what comes along.

now i want to have a malawi mbuna orientated mix but with prehaps some haps to occupy the upper regions of my rocky/sandy 150g 60x24x24 tank.

now i have seen today some new stock come in...

the choice is .. taiwan reef... milomo..white tail dolphin.. yellow nyssa and red peackock.

i am leaning towards the tawain reef ...feuleborni ..yellow lab and blue dolphin.....maybe a couple of milomo....but i could be way out on this as a working mix.

i would imagine say 8 of each apart from the milomo... and they are all pretty young at the moment.

please give me some hints...would be really appreciated.
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I have no idea what this "white tail" is that you speak of.

The blue nyassa is a common name, that could mean just about anything, or even a hybrid.

Removing the White Tail from the equation for now, the other fish should all coexist, with the exception of the fuelleborni, which are likely to get too aggressive for many of the other Haps in the list.
tannable75 said:
White tail would be fine in there too. I have a couple in a similar mix to yours.
What is this white tail?
Ok, a ngara acei... LOL... sure, that'll work too.
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