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Hello all,

my flowerhorn has a large open sore. about a week ago I noticed a small wound/bump on the fish. It looked like a small wound from interacting with tank mates. I was away for the past week and now it is a large open wound/sore.

The tank is 180 gallons. It has been running for 1.5 years and is stocked with:
1- vieja synspilum
1- vieja bifaciatus
3- vieja argentea
1- green terror
1- red jewel
1-starry night
1- bristle nose pleco
1- salvini
1- flower horn
The fish are still relatively small, the synspillum is the largest at around 5-6 inches long and the flowerhorn and 2 of the argentea are the smallest at around 2.5-3 inches.

Paremeters are:
Temperature: 79C
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
NItrate: 10-15
pH 8.2
GH/KH - no test kit- but it is very hard water

I feed mainly hikari gold, hikari staple, NLS medium fish, omega one veggie, and hikari food sticks, as well as frozen krill, frozen bloodworms, freeze dried shrimp and earthworms (frozen/freeze dried foods soaked in vita chem).

I generally do about a 40% water change weekly and use prime.

The Bifaciatus and flowerhorn were added to the tank a few weeks ago, after being in QT for 5 weeks. The flower horn showed no signs of illness in the QT tank. It is still eating and behaving normally. Flowerhorn was being picked on a bit after bieng introduced to the tank - but nothing overly concerning, just some nipped fins. The flowerhorn is now back in the QT tank. since adding the bifaciatus and flower horn *** been doing 40% water changes 2-3 weekly. However, last water change was last sunday.

Any help in identifying the cause and recommending treatment is appreciated. For now I will just be doing water changes and using melafix and pimafix.


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no ideas? Pretty slow around here...

I have been treating with Neoplex for the past couple weeks. Part of the sore looks like it has healed but it has spread and the sore is now larger and white almost all over - it looks like it goes fairly deep into the fish's body and looks like some of the fish's flesh is falling off.. or maybe it is fungus growing on the sore and falling off...
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