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I have a new setup with a variety of juvenile Mbuna and Peacock Cichlids. One of my Dragon Blood Peacocks seems to be a target for everything in the tank. I'm uncertain what to do with it, if I put it in a breeder net within the tank to heal I'm worried as soon as I try to reintroduce it to the tank it will just get nipped again. Any thoughts?

Stocking is overstocked with 14, 2-3 inch fish in a 30 gallon tank with double filtration and weekly water changes. Seems to be mostly (if not completely) males and I will be sizing up to 125 gallon when the timing is right.

This fish is wildly submissive and doesn't fight back at anything. It spends most of it's time trying to swim right in front of the attackers. Is this weird or is it just me?

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Sorry to start off with information that may not be welcome. :(

The good news is that you have solution options that are effective.

In any tank with peacocks and mbuna, it is entirely predicable that the peacocks will be targeted. Rehome the dragon blood.

In a 30G tank with 14 Malawi cichlids it is entirely predictable that there will be aggression.

You need the 72" tank now. Two and three inch Malawi can spawn which means they are mature and capable of their maximum aggression. The length of the tank required is not due to their size, it is due to their aggression.

Depending on which mbuna and which peacocks you may need to rehome other species as well. Which do you prefer?

The #1 most effective action you can take to manage aggression in an all or mostly male tank is to remove females.
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