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Okay I need some expert advice here

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Okay so for the life of me I cannot figure out what kind of fish some of these are and their possible sex. The one which I do (estherae) and demasoni, I was wondering if it was possible to sex these. The estherae, I have 6, in which 4 of them have 3 egg spots and are an orange/red color as pictured in the 4th photo. The 5th(6th) and 7th fish were sold as a red top zebra for 3.99 and believe they were mismarked because they are adults (and never that cheap) and dont know what they are or possible sex either. ANY HELP AT ALL would be amazing. Thanks so much. They are all clickable thumbs.

1st - just a general pic.

2nd photo - I know it's sub-adult still technically but is this truly a "red top" zebra as it was marked? For the life of me I cannot seem to figure out the differences between the different varieties out there, It seems like all the pictures of them I find on the internet are different. If anyone knows does this fish look more male or female? I have a similar one bought marked as "red top" zebra which is much lighter in coloration. as seen in the bottom of third photo.

3rd photo - do you think the fish in the bottom right is the same fish as pictured in the 2nd photo. *** read that males tend to be a bit lighter in color then the females? This fish is much "brighter" consistently then the one in the 2nd.

4th - Is it possible to sex these at all?! I have six and all have between 2 and 3 egg spots. One has 1 egg spot, And one has 6 so obviously a male because it has a blue tint. I know the egg spots dont really make much of a difference with these fish from what *** read? The other four aside from the two mentioned look just like this one with 2 or 3 egg spots.

5th- also sold as a red top zebra. I have two of these. This one flushes out quite often. Has one egg spot. I am trying to determine its sex. 'It' darkens up quite a bit to look like the 6th picture

6th - fish from 5th darkened up.

7th - This was sold as the same fish as the 5th and 6th . Male/female? Or know what kind of fish it is.

8th- possible to sex demasoni?

Thanks again!

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i did not see the pics but demasnioa they are all the same looking but whne ther is a dom. male he will be the darkest and same with the estherae egg spots do not mean anything
2nd and 3rd are some sort of Metriaclima "Red Top Zebra"... a dominant male will get MUCH brighter than a female, with either a light blue body with an orange dorsal and tail or a blue body with vertical jet black bars and the orange dorsal... depending on species. Males may look drab when young until they mature and become dominant, can become spectacular.

4 looks like a female Red Zebra. They all have egg spots but the male will get more distinct eggspots and gets a blue tint in the fins and body. Males can look almost light pink with mature, it depends.

5, 6, 7 are different species from the Red Top Zebra.
5,6,7 are Labidochromis. One type is called "Red Top Kimpuna", which they could be.
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