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hello i posted recently and saw comments and have made up my mind about my stock list
first my 180gal tank will have:
7 wild caught mpimbwe fronts(have)
5-6 placid. phenochilus 2m/3-4f
1-3 aristochromis christyi ether 1 m or 1m/2f
what do you think about that stock list? add or take out fish or have any other fish that would replace one here

125gal will have:
1 aulon. lwanda m(have)
1 aulon. ngara flametail m(have)
1 aulon. stuartgranti Usisya m(have)
1 prot. spliontus m(have)
1 prot. insignus m(have)
6 yellow labs
3 foss. rostatrus 1m/2f(have one unknown sex)
1 nimbo. venustus m
1 nimbo. polystigma m
2 taiwan reef 1albino/ 1 reg both m
1-3 copad. trewasae 1m/2f or just 1 male
1-3 placid. electra 1m/2f or just 1 m
1-3 mylochromis lateristriga 1m/2f or just 1 m
just want to hear your opinions on the stock on this tank as well...i dont want to have all males enjoy breeding the fish. i also dont want any cross breeding so any help with any of the males i have will help..also would like to know if i have to many or if i should add or remove fish

thanks for all the help chris

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hey thanks fogelhund for responding...
okay so in the 125gal the foss. rostatrus 1m/2-3f is fine?
and ill take out the placid electra females and the copd. trewasae females and may be a a group of cyrtcara moorii like 2m/4-5f?

or let me know what fish you would put in this set up 125gal.i would like 2 breeding groups and with the fish i alrdy have make a fish list that will be compatible
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