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hello i posted recently and saw comments and have made up my mind about my stock list
first my 180gal tank will have:
7 wild caught mpimbwe fronts(have)
5-6 placid. phenochilus 2m/3-4f
1-3 aristochromis christyi ether 1 m or 1m/2f
what do you think about that stock list? add or take out fish or have any other fish that would replace one here

125gal will have:
1 aulon. lwanda m(have)
1 aulon. ngara flametail m(have)
1 aulon. stuartgranti Usisya m(have)
1 prot. spliontus m(have)
1 prot. insignus m(have)
6 yellow labs
3 foss. rostatrus 1m/2f(have one unknown sex)
1 nimbo. venustus m
1 nimbo. polystigma m
2 taiwan reef 1albino/ 1 reg both m
1-3 copad. trewasae 1m/2f or just 1 male
1-3 placid. electra 1m/2f or just 1 m
1-3 mylochromis lateristriga 1m/2f or just 1 m
just want to hear your opinions on the stock on this tank as well...i dont want to have all males enjoy breeding the fish. i also dont want any cross breeding so any help with any of the males i have will help..also would like to know if i have to many or if i should add or remove fish

thanks for all the help chris

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The first tank looks fine. You may have cross breeding issues in the second tank. The male Nimbo's in particular could be looking to spawn with any of the other females, given they don't have females to pay attention to. When you mix oddball males, and breeding groups, in order to insure that you don't have crossbreeding, the breeding groups need to be larger more dominant species.

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hey thanks fogelhund for responding...
okay so in the 125gal the foss. rostatrus 1m/2-3f is fine?
and ill take out the placid electra females and the copd. trewasae females and may be a a group of cyrtcara moorii like 2m/4-5f?

or let me know what fish you would put in this set up 125gal.i would like 2 breeding groups and with the fish i alrdy have make a fish list that will be compatible
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