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Today, we had some issues with the air conditioning in my apartment (not working :( ) and its 83 degrees in here, I did a big water change today and low and behold, babies all over the place. They have been together for 3 years before I got them and there was never any babies before. Here is the video. Problem is, due to a small problem with one of my tanks, I was forced to move my 4" flowerhorn & 7" RD/Midas in with the oscars a couple days ago (temporary of course). 75 gallons of pure fury! :p Now its a game of cat and mouse as the FH jacks a bunch of eggs and flee's for it's life. Everything seems to be relatively safe as my fh hides in and out of the hiding places due to its small size. But now as I look closer at my RD, its breeding tube seems to be extended and its belly is full (very aggressive towards me through glass) so I am thinking she is about to litter the other side of the tank with babies... Pure mayham and there is nothing I could do thanks to the stupid Air conditioner... Anyway, enjoy the video and lets hope I don't wake up to bodies all over the place.
p.s. There doesn't seem to be any aggression between the RD & oscars but once the babies are layed by the RD, i feel there may be some change in the air. Any recomendations?

Also, here is a couple love making sessions before the eggs were layed... ... V01164.flv ... V01163.flv ... V01165.flv
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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