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oh heck i gotta move AGAIN!!!

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hi guys im moving from australian mainland to an large island part of australia called Tasmania it across a section of water called the bass stait. im just wondering how i should do it with fish if thats what we choose to do. i was gonna just sell the glass 180 gallon tank on ebay. and keep averything else and move that over exept for my filters and 4 foot which will be holding all my fish at my aunties for a couple of weeks until were settled in and got another 180 gallon.
then i was gonna fly my fish over because they hard to get over here in australia. my main question is will bio media in fish bags live over an hour flight if i shake it up just before the flight and just after so can add filter and media stright to the tank without having to cycle and injure my fish's gills. :idea:

would love some responses. :thumb:
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I don't see why not, as long as you put a little bit of their water in the bag with the media.
Typically, it should be able to live for more than 8 hours if I am not mistaken. And you can even put it in your refrigerator if you like. If I am wrong then I stand corrected. Good Luck.

I have heard (not sure) that the bacteria will live for around two days, as long as it stays wet.
Good luck...
I thought it would live 2 days without ammonia. Not sure about 2 days without oxygen.

Definitely worth a try though.
thanks for your replies guys i didnt think it could live that long without having ammonia. :wink:

thanks guys you've been of great help and allowed me to be more decicive as to whether we take em. :thumb:

Thanks again.
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