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Odds of survival..

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Four 2 inch Giant Danios vs. 5 1/2 inch Polleni.. like the title asks, what are the odds of survival for the Danios? She left them alone during the day, but I know that Pollenis like to hunt at night, and with the lights off the Danios immediately started freaking out, as if they knew. So far it seems ok in the dark, its just the Danios freaking out.. but I'm having second thoughts on this arrangement. What do you guys think? Shall we set up a betting pool? :lol:
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It depends on when the fish are introduced to each other. I've found that when you get fish small and have them grow together they tend to get along better. You might be fine until your Polleni gets up into the 8 inchs or so. How are they getting along now?
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