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I have a 220 gal. tank with the following fish.
5 Tanganicodus irascicae
4 Comps
4 J. transcriptus
4 Neolamp. caudopunctatus
8 C.foai
The tank has 2 rock piles and some annubias,crypts and Java fern.
The gobies, Comps, and C. foai have all spawned at various times.
What I would like your opinion on is: Is this tank overstalked ?
Could I add a group of Cyp. leptosoma Utinta to the group, and if so how many,and could I expect them to spawn?
Thanks for your opinions in advance.

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What is the footprint of this tank?

It's possible that group of cyps would do great- but remember they need a place on the ground to sleep. If the entire footprint of the tank is already claimed, then cyps wouldn't do well.

How are your nitrate levels? I have a tank that I've considered adding more cyps to, but my weekly large water changes are hardly enough to keep nitrates down.

If water quality and territory are both fine, then look at getting a group of 12-20 cyps. If you go with jumbos, then stick to 12-15, but standard cyps you can get 15-20.
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