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Hi everyone.

*** been keeping malawi cichlids for a good few months now, I have a hap/peacock tank a mixture of species male and female. All my fish have came from the same breeder... I added a male 'OB peacock' to my tank a couple of months ago that wants to just breed with whatever he lays his eyes on.

Being relatively new to the hobby, I wanted to get more info on where the OB actually comes from ( i know its basically a 'certified hybrid' as such, but *** read ALOT of different things with them that kind of counteract each other ).

Also I would like to know what the fry would come out like if i were to let him breed as he is trying to breed with a couple of different species... would they come out as OB's or would they just be a random type of hybrid which should be avoided?

My main reason for asking is I want to avoid getting hybrids as i have two other tanks that I use for holding fry but I dont want a fry tank full of hybrids with no way of moving them on.

Thanks in advance for any information, all info is appreciated :thumb:
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