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Hi everyone.

*** been keeping malawi cichlids for a good few months now, I have a hap/peacock tank a mixture of species male and female. All my fish have came from the same breeder... I added a male 'OB peacock' to my tank a couple of months ago that wants to just breed with whatever he lays his eyes on.

Being relatively new to the hobby, I wanted to get more info on where the OB actually comes from ( i know its basically a 'certified hybrid' as such, but *** read ALOT of different things with them that kind of counteract each other ).

Also I would like to know what the fry would come out like if i were to let him breed as he is trying to breed with a couple of different species... would they come out as OB's or would they just be a random type of hybrid which should be avoided?

My main reason for asking is I want to avoid getting hybrids as i have two other tanks that I use for holding fry but I dont want a fry tank full of hybrids with no way of moving them on.

Thanks in advance for any information, all info is appreciated :thumb:

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Certified? LOL.

If I were into OB peacocks, I would not buy fry that were a mix of OB and "pure".

Whereas if I were into OB peacocks I would look for fry that were from parents that were both OB and had been breeding true for many generations.

Your fry could be all solid...or a mix. To some extent it would depend on whether your male has been breeding true for many generations or is himself half OB and half something else.

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You are very welcome!! There are quite a few articles in the Library on all different topics that have been submitted by members over the years. Also check out the Species Profiles section for info and some profiles link to articles.
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