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grahny said:
Where on the Aulonocara family tree does the OB peacock,German Red, and dragon blood belong? Reasearching stocking with mixed peacocks and trying to avoid the possibility of hybridization and trying to reduce cross variety harassment, a male that can't keep his fins to himself.Also you see a lot of remarks about a pair in a mixed peacock and 4,5,or 6 to 1 for a colony. what is best with an all juvinile start versus introducing sub adults sporadicaly?
The don't fit on the Aulonocara family tree at all. OB Peacocks and Dragon's Blood are hybrids of unknown origins, though it is suspected that there is some Aulonocara genetics, possibly some mbuna or Victorian Haplochromine genetics.

There are claims that German Reds are line bred fish, but that isn't proveable, and most are likely crossed with Ruby Reds now anyway.

These are all man made fish, most hybrids.

If you mix ANY peacock, with another, you risk hybridization.
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