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Not quite the flowerhorn I thought - what am I ?

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I picked this guy up for $3 , being told it was a flowerhorn. It's about 2" long.

Doesn't matter to me either way, because I bought it because I thought he/she was really unique looking. Tail is a little ratty looking, but that will heal up on it's own. I apologize for the hazy photos - my Q tank is a little cloudy right now.

Anyone have any thoughts? Looks like a flowerhorn crossed with something else to me - but - I'd love any feedback!

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Well...flowerhorn crossed with something else is kind of a redundant statement, since a flowerhorn is a cross anyway. Either way, appears to have a very strong Texas appearance to me, I agree that it's a unique, pretty little guy or gal.
I have to agree with SK. It looks like it has a lot of Texas in it. It will be neat to see what it looks like once it grows up some more. Hopefully you can keep us up dated. Good luck.
True FlowerHorns can be some nice fish... it's a shame that any old hybrid is often sold as a FlowerHorn...

It does look strongely Texas... who knows what it will grow up to look like...

As long as your happy with it then it's a nice fish still ;)
Perhaps a Texas / Trimac hybrid?
looks like a Texas hybrid of some sort .
The only reason I throw Trimac into the possible mix is the spot above/behind the eye.
Give it 3 months or so to grow out a bit and repost some shots, too hard to say at this size - or even venture a guess, mutts are hard enough at adult size.
looks exactly like my red devil texas hybrid. The thinnes of the body and head shape are just about identical. the only difference is my fish has red fins.
Whats your take on the purplish spangles on it?
i'm gonna say it's a flowerhorn. very strong flowerline, good job! looks very stressed in the photos, give it a few weeks to get more used to everything, and update the photos on it.
I personally doubt it has any Trimac in it what so ever...
Looks like a regular fh to me.
its just a flowerhorn, a nice and pearly flowerhorn. probably a Zhen Zhu Malau judging on the pearling.

Toby, there has to be some form of trimac in this fish, the first flowerhorn had trimac in it, and all flowerhorns are desendents of that ancestor, though the trimac gene is probably almost bred out of it by now, it will still be in there.
looks like a cross of texas and JD
Looks H. cyanoguttatus X Vieja of some sort... probably bifa or zonatum... that would explain the thick lateral line, and the purplish spangling.
i can 100% guarantee you it is either a KML or ZZM... (Kamalau or Zhen Zhu Malau) mine looked like that when he was younger, actually pretty close to exact, only mine had a small kok at that size. his pearling will change color, as mine did.

this is a before pic.
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Did yours have that dark, nearly black, undertone that mine has?
Flowerhorn colors can vary an extreme amount from fish to fish, based on genetics, age, food, mood, tank mates, tank location, gravel color, and possibly migratory bird patterns. :p

I'm sure it's very possible that all of the suggested fish are mixed in there somewhere, but that is a ZZ flowerhorn for sure. It's hard to say at this age how they will turn out but at least you know it will be nice and pearly. I'd give him or her a few days to settle in before making any judgements.

This isn't a zz, but you can see how dark the base of this fish was. It can change easily.

Day I got him:

Little older:

More recent pic (which is several months old) :oops:

I should try to get a current picture of him, but his base color is a deep purple, which I think contrasts with his pearls really nicely. Sometimes patience is a virtue with flowerhorns. :p
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JWhipple said:

Did yours have that dark, nearly black, undertone that mine has?
when i bought him yes.

all post some before and now pics for you

and this one resembles westwoods quite a bit as far as body and shape, and he/she was relatively dark as well, but hes faded now.(turned orange like a midas)

and heres the one i posted earlier without the flash that lightens up his color in the previous pic.

westwood, i want the one in your avatar :p
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