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drewzwife said:
Hi guys and gals,

I am back for another expert opinion. I tested the water in our tank again today. I did a water change and cleaned the filter and so far the tank is looking great! but my nitrites are 1 and I am sure if this acceptable. ph is 8.0 Nitrates are 0 and Ammonia is in between 0-.25.
Ok what is safe? and what isn't acceptable?
The bold is the problem. You are still cycling your tank so you SHOULD NOT be cleaning the filter. You need the beneficial bacteria to grow and seed the media in the filter and this cannot be done when you clean the filter and remove said bacteria.

How are you cleaning the filter? What steps are you taking? Hopefully you are using dechlorinated water at the very minimum. While the best is to use water from the tank to clean the media.

Also, what size tank and which filters are you using?

Let us know.
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