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nitrite too high HELP

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Thanks to everyones help I have finally ordered my fish and cant wait to get them. I only have
one problem my nitrites are too high, *** been getting this tank ready for about 3 weeks now and
thought everything was fine but i forgot about the major water change i did when I took the
crushed coral out and replaced it with black sand. I have added bio-spira and stress zyme but it
still needs to come down, ammonia and all else is fine. In the library when it says you can add
ammonia to speed things up , what kind just household ammonia? I'm using my hang on filter
from my old tank so should have bacteria from there but also added another new filter HOB
Fish will be here any day. HELP!
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What are you trying to do? cycle it? because if so; the best thing to do is just leave it running because if the ammonia is fine the nitrites will be brocken down soon (adding more ammonia will create more nitrites LOL). I you are getting your fish soon keep doing large water changes but you really have to let the cycle finish.
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