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Nitrite, test kit, and Prime chemistry question

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I recently waged a battle with blue-green algae (cyano) using erythromycin. It was a particularly stubborn infection, so I medicated for 8 days. I monitored NH3 and NO2 closely with an API test kit. Now at the end of the treatment my nitrite shot up to about 1.0ppm; ammonia is fine (I guess my nitrifying bacteria couldn't take it for that long...

Here's my question: I buffer with sodium bicarb, magnesium sulfate, and sea salt. I read that salt detoxifies nitrite to some degree. I also dosed with Seachem Prime, which says a 5x dose will detoxify nitrite. And I did a 50% water change. The fish seem alright, but I still have nitrite showing up in the test kit. It this a case where nitrite is present but "bound" in a non-hazardous form?

This is a 55gal Tanganyikan tank with 8 small fish and a BN pleco. Wet/dry filter + Aquaclear 50, established ~8 months.
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Seachem states that they aren't 100% sure how prime affects nitrite. Whether it binds it temporarily or not, in my experience its effect is visible on test kits. This means if you're still showing nitrite, there's still toxic nitrite present.

Did you do a 5x dose with prime? I've found that to be effective temporarily, but you'll probably want to stay up on the water changes primarily.
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