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Just wondering....What level does everyone keep their nitrates. Mine are less than 20ppm with a 40% weekly water change. I was wondering if I could stretch to two weeks if they stay under 40ppm? Any opinions?
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My well water comes out of the tap at 20ppm. My tank water stays at about 30 to 40ppm, with weekly water changes (50% to 60%).

I have had no problems with nitrates being at 40… :)
I try to keep mine below 40 ppm. If yours is staying at 20ppm with weekly water changes, you should be able to stretch the changes to two weeks. Give it a try and test it.
I try to keep mine 20ppm before water change and 10 ppm after water change. The fish are VERY happy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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