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Nitrate reducing media

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Has anyone here used purigen or any other nitrate reducing media ? *** done a bit of reading up on it and it makes some pretty impressive claims - and the bonus is it can be recharched!
What have you found in practice - does it actually work ? did it reduce your nitrate and if so by how much?
Its pretty expensive stuff so has anyone any personnal experience before i take the plunge ?

Or have you any other recomendations? (lol im not trying to do away with water changes - id just like to reduce the nitrate further in my tanks ) :D

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It doesn't remove nitrates directly. It removes organics before they can be broken down into nitrates.

From their site:

Purigen® controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds.

Think of it as the freshwater equivalent of a salt water protein skimmer. I tried it once long ago, but water changes will accomplish the same thing. If water changes aren't practical, and the tank wasn't too heavily stocked, I think this stuff could extend time between changes if all you're considering are nitrates.
i have used nitr-zorb to help with high nitrates coming from my tap. could not get nitrates down after i cycled the tank. tested the tap water & found out why. tap water was 40ppm. nitra-zorb got the nitrates down to 5ppm. of course, water changes are still very necessary but it has helped with the tap water problem.
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