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newly planted Tang with Plants tank.

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Took this vid with my android phone (Xperia X10)

I'm going to watch those N. Helianthus, if they start to get insane I'll take em out of there. But so far so good, it's been running like this for a couple weeks.

The one Juli looks a little sick (sunken belly, inflamed gills), sticks to himself in the corner mostly but he's eating and seems to be improving, he came from the LFS like that.

Cant wait for the plants t grow in. I also have an order of Escargot Shells coming that I ordered online. I'll update when they arrive, hopefully the plants will be larger too.

My theory is the lush plants will provide many territories and cover to help diffuse aggression. The tank is a 35G, plenty of room in there, lots of footprint.

Eheim 2213 w inline heater
2x T5HO 39W

I dose with liquid Tropica ferts and Excel for now until I get co2
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Cool! Looking forward to seeing the tank grow up.
In the foreground it's dwarf hair grass.. there's some Vals in there too but they're the thicker ones.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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