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Newbie with a question

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So i set up a 55 gal (48x12x18) tank this past saturday. I figured i would start small for the initial cycle then add everything else right before i stocked the tank. What i mean is i bought 1 HoB filter, gravel, and 1 small lava rock initially. Well this got me to thinking and I'm guessing i really need to have my second filter in the tank during the cycle and possibly all the decor i plan to add later during this initial cycle. Is this correct that i should have everything in the tank for the initial cycle?
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It's a good ideal, but not a must. The reason for all the items being in the tank and filters is so that the bacteria bed will be larger, but the bed is going to be as big as the amount it takes for your fish. If you can't put them in now, it will still be fine and your tank will still cycle. When you add the new things they will build up a bed on them also. Just when you add your fish don't put in 30 right off the bat and you'll be fine ;)

Better to have them now? Yes

A must? No
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